There's No Place Like Home...

There's no place like home...there's no place like home...there's no place like home...

...except sometimes getting there is a little tricky!

Today's post comes from Utah while we are on the road.

We just concluded the 2015 Cowboy Christmas show which is held in conjunction with the Nationals Final Rodeo each year in Las Vegas.  The show wrapped up on Saturday.  It was a wonderful show this year. We met a ton of amazing people, and we made quite a few sales as well of some sculpture pieces. But, as soon as the show was over we were anxious to break down our booth anxious to get back home.

Also we had received reports that there was the potential for some pretty significant winter weather to occur somewhere between Vegas and Home, so we wanted to hit the road as soon as possible.

We worked right up until midnight Saturday trying to get everything loaded, but at midnight the convention center folks kindly kicked us out and told us we'd have to come back in the morning.

We did our best to get up early and back over to the convention center to finish loading. "Our best" really means like 11:00 am, but hey, it's Vegas! (I'd like to say we were out partying hard, having fun, but really it was just our tired bones not wanting to get up in the morning!)

Finally by 2:30 pm we were loaded and on the road homeward bound! Approximately 11 hours to home (although we can do it in about 9-1/2 hours on a good day). Our goal was to beat the snow that was coming! Since the day was half gone before we hit the road, we decided to stop off in Salt Lake for the night.

The picture above was what we awakened to the next morning! So much for beating the snow!! There was a good 6 inches or so in the morning when we awakened, and it continued snowing throughout the day. We decided it was best to just stay in Salt Lake for a day or so and wait for things to clear up some.

After breakfast at Crown Burgers, we spent much of the day downtown wandering around Temple Square and doing a little shopping.

Temple Square at night is always amazing!

The forecast is for tonight and tomorrow to get 3-7 more inches of snow... we may be stuck here one more day. But we'll see how things look in the morning and maybe try to make a go at it! 

National Finals Rodeo 2015 - COWBOY CHRISTMAS

Hello friends!

We jumped in the truck and headed for Las Vegas just 1-1/2 days after Thanksgiving for our annual Cowboy Christmas Show that is put on each year in conjunction with the National Finals Rodeo.  It is always great fun, and we always look forward to all of the new and amazing people we meet at each of our shows.  Plus we always get to see and get caught up with some old friends as well that stop in year-to-year.

This year's show runs from December 3 - December 12. 

We made it down to Las Vegas without any trouble and immediately proceeded to get our booth setup.

This year our booth is right up at the front near the entrance, it seems to have really made a difference in our traffic.  We hope we can secure the same spot for all of the future shows as well!!!

Check out some of our photos below from this year's show, and as there is still a few more days left, we hope to see you there!! 

And in the event we don't see you this time, we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!